Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Wonderful Wildlife

Palm Frog - photographed by Jafkins Family

Our Glorious Gulf Villa is situated on Florida's Gulf Coast in Rotonda which is a Deed Restricted community and is part of a Nature Conservation Area. 

It's the perfect location for attracting literally hundreds of different types of wildlife.  Nature enthusiasts, bird spotters and wildlife lovers will be in heaven!

Our Guests love to write to us to tell us what different species they have spotted either from the villa's private fishing dock, the local area or on the beach.  Here's just a handful of what has been viewed and photographed:-

Alligators, Anhingas, Armadillos, Blue Jays, Bobcats, Catfish, Cormorants, Cranes, Damsel flies, Dolphins, Double Crested Cormorants, Eagles, Egrets, Fireflies (lighting bugs), Frigate Birds, Frogs, Great Blue Herons, Great White Race, Green Herons, Ibis, Laughing Gulls, Little Blue Herons, Lizards, Mocking Birds, Northern Cardinals, Ospreys, Pelicans, Raccoons, Rays, Red Cardinals, Red Tanagers, Sand Hill Cranes, Snowy Egret, Terns, Turkey Vultures, Turtles, Water Snakes, Wild Hogs, Wilsons Plovers, Woodpeckers

View over 1,000 wild & scenic photos taken near our villa with this link:-

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