Thursday, 17 May 2012

Calling all Nature Lovers!

I have just received this amazing email from our long term renters who are currently enjoying their 4th return visit to
In the past, they have been so lucky with capturing all sorts of wildlife from the privacy of our villa but I think this report beats it all:-

"Awesome, Awesome, Awesome...could not let this go without you guys being aware of it...

On Tuesday an otter came right up to the lanai with a massive fish and proceeded to eat it within the trees, but yesterday a massive disturbance down at the decking and out of the creek/canal came the same otter with two babies but this time being chased by an Alligator!!!!!  They thankfully escaped to loud cheers from us both sadly it all happened so quick we could not get to camera in time.

Enthralled by this we sat down for a beer to recover and an Osprey flew over and perched on one of the trees for 5mins!!!!

Couple this with red Cardinals red Tannigers and the ubiquitous mocking bird apply for the above!!!"

If you would love the opportunity of getting up close and personal to many different species of wildlife then please consider our as your next holiday destination.

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